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MF59 NTC Thermistor

The glass shell SMD NTC thermistor MF59 is suitable for high-temperature and high-moisture environments, the type without lead is convenient for SMT automated assembly.

• Good stability and repeatability 

• High reliability 

• Wide range of resistance: 0.1~1000KΩ

• Design for SMT automated assembly

• Suitable for high-temperature and high-moisture environments

• Small, light, strong packaging structure

• Rapid response 

• High sensitivity


Zero power resistance range (R25): 0.1~1000KΩ 

Available tolerances of R25: ±1%, ±2%, ±3%, ±5%, ±10% 

Available tolerances of B value: ±0.5%, ±1%

Dissipation factor: ≥2mW/°C or ≥1mW/°C (In Still Air) 

Thermal time constant: ≤10S or ≤5S (In Still Air) 

Operating temperature range: -55°C ~ +220°C

Rated Power at 25°C: ≤10mW or ≤5mW


Office equipment (copiers, printers etc.), digital products (mobile phone, PDA etc.), rechargeable batteries (lithium battery, Ni-MH battery etc.), apparatus coils, integrated circuits, quartz crystal oscillators and thermocouples.

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